Tree menu

This sample demonstrates how to create a tree menu.

Creating the menu

1. Create a new Tree menu application.

Creating the menu items

2. Click in Menu Items to define an hierarch used in the menu.

3. Add the main items. Enter Form in the item Label and click in Insert Item.

4. Repeat the step 4 and add the items Grid and Reports.

5. Add an item with an option to close the application. Enter Exit in Label, in the Target choose Exit and click in Insert Item.

Creating the subitems

6. To create the subitem it is necessary to select the item and then click in Insert SubItem.

7. Create a sub item on Form. Enter all required data (Label, link, icon, hint and target). See the image below.

8. Look the item Master/Detail. It is positioned one level inside of Form.

9. Once the menu is completed it ispossible to change the items positions and levels using the directional buttons.

10. Use the table below (with items and sub items used in this sample) to create a menu. The steps are the same described before.

Item (Label) Application
Master/Detail form38
Multiple Records form40
Editable Grid form39
Unique Key Validation form44
Orders form53
Group By – Customers x States grid05
Pivot Table Summary grid29
Simple Drill Down grid14
Customers grid20
Invoice pdf03
Business Card pdf02

Enabling the Header

11. Open the folder Layout on the menu and click on Header.

12. Check the option Yes in Display Header.

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