Expand your knowledge with Scriptcase.

Our courses are designed for those who want to use Scriptcase as development tool. We go from fundamental concepts to complete projects development. We offer live instructor-led and recorded courses, that ensure the opportunity for you to master Scriptcase.

Online courses


Scritpcase Expert

The expert course is a 20 hour online with instructor certificated course divided into 10 modules (2h each module), this course was created to users who want to master the key features of the tool and want to evolve in order to have more development flexibility.

Paid course 10 hours

Web Development

The web development course it is​​​ divided into 10​ classes​. ​​​During the course we’ll be seeing Data Modeling​ with MySQL​, HTML5, CSS3, JS5 and PH​P,​​ all that ​applied ​to Scriptcase

Paid course 10 hours

Scriptcase Fundamentals

This is a recorded and free course that covers important Scriptcase's concepts as: project creation, connection to the database, application creation and examples with a real data.

Free course