Updating your Scriptcase

Version 8.1 maintains full compatibility with version 8.0, the update must to be performed regardless the date of your License Upgrade.

New features, nevertheless, will be released only for licenses with "License Upgrade" updated. Please click here to check or update your License Upgrade period.

To learn more about Scriptcase's 8.1 new features please click here.



Before you start any update/migrate process we always recommend you to backup your current Scriptcase version to prevent loss or damage for your projects.

Option 1: Perform an overall backup accessing your Scriptcase and clicking menu>options>settings>backup>“Perform a General Backup”.

Option 2: Go to your Scriptcase's folder inside your web environment root directory (Ex .: ../NetMake/v8/wwwroot), and create a .zip file with Scriptcase folder.

Note: once you finish the backup save the file in a safe location.


Scriptcase Update

Option 1: Automatic Update (Recommended).

Access your Scriptcase and click the "Help> Update Version" menu.

Go to "Scriptcase Update", so scriptcase can check the files that will be updated.

After scriptcase the update checked, click "Check for Updates", so scriptcase can select files to download.

To complete the process "Download and install updates" so the scriptcase will be updated your environment with the updated files and new features.



Option 2: Manual Update.

Download the .ZIP file from ScriptCase 8.1 from our site, please click here to Download.

Remember to download the right file: Scriptcase 8.1 for PHP 5.4

Create a temporary folder and unzip the downloaded file you got from the website, scriptcasexx.xx.xx with your ScriptCase current version.

Open the unzipped folder and copy or cut all the folders and files.

Once you have copied the downloaded folders, open Scriptcase’s directory folder, where you have your Scriptcase installed, and paste the copied folders.

Access you Scriptcase as usual, and enjoy the new features.