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Methods are functions or procedures declared by the developer, to support the implementation of business rules for an application. Using methods in applications it is possible to reuse code and thus improve development productivity. It is possible to create PHP and JAVASCRIPT methods.

Figure 1: Method menu interface.

Creating a new method

Figure 2: Create a new Method.

1. Define the name for the new method then click the Create button. See the Figure below.

Figure 3: Adding a Method.



2 Methods may involve parameters being passed.


Add the number of variables:

Figure 5: Define Parameters interface



Defining a variable:

Figure 6: Add Parameters interface.


Name: Input a variable name.

Type: Select the variable type as: For value or For reference. * 10270

Value Default: The default value used to initialize the parameter variable when called.

* References allow you to create a second name for a variable so you can use it to read or modify the original data stored in that variable.


Figure 7: Define Method Parameters interface.


Select all parameter variables in the Parameters field.

Unmark all parameter variables selected in the Parameters field.

Edit the variable selected in the Parameters field.

Delete the variable selected in the Parameters field.



3 In order to run a method, it needs to be called within an event. See the example below:

Figure 8: Events.

In this example we are using the onLoad event to call our method when the record is loaded. See how simple it is to call the method in the example below:

Using a method :

Figure 9: Event method interface


Thus we get the following result when running the application.