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The toolbar is divided into two parts: Top Toolbar and Bottom Toolbar, so that it is possible to define which buttons will be displayed in both places. The selection of the buttons of the top and bottom toolbars are independent enabling, for example, a button is in the two bars at the same time. To choose the active buttons, simply move inside the checkbox the settings on the left side to the right side.

Below you can find the toolbar options description:

Figure 1: toolbar Interface.




The Group option allows to be created groups of buttons.

Image2: Option Group.


Image3: Interface to add a group


After group creation, so that the buttons does part of it, it is necessary to position it below and more to the right of the buttons group name, like you can see in the image below:

Image4: Interface to organize the buttons on toolbar

Buttons Settings

Image5: Buttons Settings.


Image6: Grid Toolbar Options.