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Chart applications

Chart applications are powerful information analysis resource to display the database information in a graphical way.

Chart applications display data retrieved from a database using a SELECT statement.

The Chart applications generated the following functionality:

Feature Description
Search form associated to the grid. Use the search page to filter the displayed data
In one click it's possible to create break down lines and group data by N levels or fields.
Summarize columns using different functions such as: SUM , AVG , MAX , MIN.
Charts based on grid´s data can be displayed in different styles like: Bars, Columns, Pie, Dots and more
Fields selection
The end user can select at runtime which columns to display in the grid.
Links creation
Create links to other applications.
Events programming
Customize grid event´s PHP code, used to create calculated fields , business rules, etc.
Data formatting

Format the grid data, field types such as: date, currency, decimal values, integer values, images and text. Automatic data formatting can also be integrated to the regional settings.


Inside the generated application it is possible to choose the chart type dynamically. The available types are:

Figure 1: Combination Chart.

Figure 2: Stacked Chart - Area

Figure 3: Stacked Chart - Bar

Figure 4: Stacked Chart - Columns

Figure 5: Bar Chart.

Figure 6: Columns Chart.

Figure 7: Line Chart.

Figure 8: Spline Chart.

Figure 9: Line Step Chart.

Figure 8: Pie Chart.

Figure 9: Doughnut Chart.

Figure 10: Pyramide Chart.

Figure 11: Funnel Chart.

Figure 12: Radar Chart.

Figure 13: Gauge Chart.