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Connecting with Access using ODBC

Pre Requirements


If all the pre requirements are met, your COM extension will be enabled, in this case, proceed to Creating ODBC Data Source.

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Driver MS Access

Currently Scriptcase offers a driver to connect with MS Access database: MS Access ODBC.

You can see the features below:

MS Access ODBC ( Recommended ) : Allows the connection to be made using a MS Access ODBC Data Source.

If not, follow the steps below to enable the COM extension:


Enabling the Extension

1. First, download the database engine indicated for the version of the database.


2. Finishing the download, follow the installation wizard if the Access Database Engine.

Image1: Installing the Access Database Engine.


Image2: Installing the Access Database Engine.


image3: Installing the Access Database Engine.


Image4: Installing the Access Database Engine.

3.Finishing the installation, you can confirm the the extension is enabled by accessing the diagnosis, like the example below:

image5: Diagnosis Extension.


Creating a ODBC Data Source

1. Access Control Panel > Administrative Tools > ODBC Data Sources(32 bits);

   In case you have a data source created, continue to Creating a connection on Scriptcase.

Image1: Accessing and configuring the ODBC 32 bits Data Source.

Note: Even though your system may be 64 bits, Scriptcase uses the PHP 32 bits, which requires all the drivers of database connections being the same architecture as Scriptcase.


2. Select the tab System DSN and click on Add;

Image2: Accessing and configuring the ODBC 32 bits Data Source.


3. Select the one of the available drivers, you can choose one of these:

Note: Select the driver depending on what extension your Access database file has.

Image3: Available ODBC Drivers.


4. After selecting the driver, the following window will open:

    Two fields are required for the data source configuration:

Image4: Creating a Data Source.


5. After informing the Data Source Name, click on Select, to select the database file that’ll be used.

    The following window will be shown:

Image5: Select the database.


6. After selecting the database, click on OK to finish the configuration.

Image6: Creating a Data Source.


7. Returning to the window ODBC Data Source Administrator (32 bits), it’s possible to view the configured connections.

Image7: Creating a data source.


Creating a connection on Scriptcase

Connecting to MS Access ODBC in Scriptcase

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Now we’ll access Scriptcase from Scriptcase from the browser and create a connection with the MS Access database

Step 1: Access your Scriptcase, for example, http://localhost:8081/scriptcase/ on the toolbar go to the marked icon in the image below, referring to “New Connection”.

Step 2: After clicking “New Connection”, the page for creating connections will appear, click on the MS Access database image.

Step 3: On the following image, place the required information:

For more details on configuring the connection of the database click on Advanced

Filter - Clicking on this tab, the following page will appear:

Step 4: Always test your connection before saving, if the message “Connection Success” appears, then save the connection. If it fails to connect, revise the fields that were informed, especially Username, Password, Database and Server/Host.

Verify if the module is enabled in the diagnosis.