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Connecting with MySQL

The automatic of Scriptcase already comes with the MySQL enabled.

To do the connection with MySQL, please follow the steps below.

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Drivers MySQL

Currently Scriptcase offers three drivers to connect with MySQL database: MySQL PDO, MySQL Transactional and MySQL Non-Transactional.

You can see the features below:

MySQL PDO ( Recommended ) : Allows the connection to be made using the native PHP driver, which is superior in processing speed and constantly updated.

MySQL Transactional : Allows the use of functionalities like ROLLBACK directly in the MySQL database.

MySQL Non-Transactional : Has a better performance( compared to the MySQL Transactional ) , the transactions should be manually done ( BEGINTRANS, COMMIT ).

Creating a connection on Scriptcase

Connecting to MySQL from Scriptcase

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Now we’ll access Scriptcase from Scriptcase from the browser and create a connection with the MySQL database.

Step 1: Access your Scriptcase, for example, http://localhost:8081/scriptcase/ on the toolbar go to the marked icon in the image below, referring to “New Connection”.

Step 2: After clicking “New Connection”, the page for creating connections will appear, click on the MySQL database image.

Step 3: On the following image, place the required information:

For more details on configuring the connection of the database click on Advanced

Filter - By clicking on this tab, you will see this page:

Step 4: Always test your connection before saving, if the message “Connection Success” appears, then save the connection. If it fails to connect, revise the fields that were informed, especially Username, Password, Database and Server/Host.

Verify if the module is enabled in the diagnosis.