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Control Fields - Image(File Name)

Allows the developer to use fields in the forms to upload images. The images are save in the server in a directory defined using the Application Settings menu in the attribute Image Directory (see Settings).

General Settings

Image1: General Settings Interface.


Example of field of the image type in a cadastre of products.


It allows to upload multiple files and store the information in a relative database table.

Multi Upload Settings



After choose the table, it will display all fields from that table and we should associate parameters to fill the fields upon inserting or updating.

Multi Upload Fields Settings

The options are:


Defines the CSS values for fields individually.

Figure 1: CSS Definition interface.

Title CSS


Field CSS


Object Input CSS


Help Settings

Documents the application. Create on-line instructions, describe business rules and save comments in the System Help to allow users to better understand the system and instruct them in the best way of interacting with the applications.

Figure 1: Help Configuration using a pop-up window.