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Control Fields - Text Auto-Complete

This field displays a list of items obtained from a Select command. The information entry serves as a filter of items that will be displayed as it is typed. This list structure is similar to Select HTML object where each item has a value and label associated. For the Text Auto-Complete each item value of must be alpha-numeric. This list is dynamically loaded with Ajax technology

General Settings

Figure1:General SettingsInterface

Values Format

Image1: Values Format Interface.


Uppercase Converts all text to capital letters.
Lowercase Converts all text to lower case.
Uppercase first word Capitalizes only first word (converts only the first letter of the first word to capital letter).
Uppercase all words Capitalizes each word (converts the first letter of every to capital letter).

Edition Lookup

Figure3: Edition Lookup Interface.



Reloads other selection type fields (Select, CheckBox, Radio and DoubleSelect) when the field onChange event occours.
For example: a Select field "list of states", and a second one list of cities. It is possible to reload a cities list field by changing the state selected.


Defines the CSS values for fields individually.

Figure 1: CSS Definition interface.

Title CSS


Field CSS


Object Input CSS


Help Settings

Documents the application. Create on-line instructions, describe business rules and save comments in the System Help to allow users to better understand the system and instruct them in the best way of interacting with the applications.

Figure 1: Help Configuration using a pop-up window.