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Conceptually a block is a “container” in which a Form Application, Control or Grid fields are located.

By default the applications created in ScriptCase only consist of one block, bearing the same name as the application. You can add as many blocks as you need and you can organize them to best suit your purpose. The figure bellow shows an ORGANIZATION column, used to define the position of the next block (positioned to the side or below in the series of blocks).

Figure 1: Block settings interface.

To the left of each block there are two icons: to edit the block properties; and to delete the block.

Organising Blocks and Changing position

See below how to modify the page block display order.

Click to select the block in order to modify its position.


This is how to remove a block from being displayed.

Click on the block and drag it to “Blocks not shown”.

To change the page block is displayed in, all you have to do is drag it to the desired page as indicated below.




Add New Block

To add new blocks to an application, just click .

Figure 2: Add New Block interface.


Edit Block

Click to edit the block properties and click Save.

Figure 2: Edit Block interface.