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Control Links - Capture

A button is created in the toolbar inside the control form, when clicked it opens the window displaying a grid or form application.

In this application that will be opened we can do searches and return a value for the text field.

Figure 30: Capture Link in Control Application.


The screen below “Linking Type” shows that, when it is selected the linking type “Capture”, it appears a combobox with the fields of the origin application, to be selected the field that will be used for the Link.

Figure12: Interface of Definition of the Parameters.


Below, “List of Applications”displays all applications, the user must select the application to be linked and click in Next >>

Figure13: Interface of Linking between applications


In “Parameter definition”, at left side, it is displayed the the application fields which we are linking and that need to receive parameters for running and at the right side, will have to be selected the option to inform the value, there are two options, and they are:

Figure15: Parameters Definition Interface with parameters.



In “Linking Properties” enter the link relative attributes.

Figure16 : Link Properties Interface


Figure17 : Example of capture link using modal target.


Below, "Linking" displays the link created with button to edit the actions.

Figure18: Linking Interface



Figure19: Linking Interface

Recover the field value - Selected a field of the grid application called linking object and it returns a value to a field of the control form.