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Dashboard Settings

Image1: Dashboard Settings Interface.

This property Dashboard Settings allows to set the following attributes:

  • Width -Column width where will be the Widget.
  • Add Column - Adds a Widget to the selected column.
  • Remove Column - Removes the selected column and all the Widgets that are associated with the column.


  • Title - Title that will appear in the Widget.
  • Link - Application or URL to be loaded into the Widget selected.
  • Height - Height of the Widget in pixels.
  • Reload time - Charging time of application or URL selected in the Widget, it must be defined in seconds.
  • Mobile - Allows to change the Widget column at run time.
  • Removable - Allows to be remove the Widget at runtime.
  • Collapsible - Allows to expand the Widget at run time.
  • Maximize - Allows to maximize the Widget at run time.

At the page bottom we can see two more options: