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Production Environment

Extract the zip file.

Publicação Típica

Includes the common libraries in the Production environment directory _lib.
In the example below was created a directory called "system" to store the applications.

Publicação Típica

Permissions – Reading, Write and Execution.

For Windows Servers using Web IIS Server, is necessary to define the permissions in the directory _lib (common libraries),
and in the CMD files (C:\WINDOWS\system32) for IIS users (IUSR_NOME-DO-SERVIDOR) .

For Unix environment, is necessary to set common libraries permissions recursively. (directoty _lib, subdirectories and files)

Example: chmod 777 _lib -R

Creating the connection with the Database using the management interface.

Step 1:
Locate the production environment management interface, in the directory _lib.

In the example: http://host or ip/system/_lib/prod

Step 2: Select Create new connection.

Step 3: Select the DBMS. In the example was used MySQL Database.

Step 4: Enter Database information (server id or name).

Step 5: Enter Database user id and password.

Step 6: Enter the same connection name defined in the development environment (ScriptCase).
It must be the same name since the applications are configured to use it.

Step 7: Test the connection and save the configurations.

Step 8: Run the application to verify it.

After clicking in Advanced.

Step 9: Select the decimal number separator to use in the database.

Ex: 1.21 or 1,21

Step 10: Choose if the connection will be persistent* or not.

Persistent Conexion: Persistent connections are connections that do not close when the execution of your script ends.

Step 11: If you want to change the default charset (latin1, to MySQL) to record or edit to the database select the desired encoding.

Editing the connection

Step 1: Select Edit connection.

Step 2: Choose the connection and edit it.

Renaming the connection

Step 1: Select Rename connection.

Step 2: Select the connection then rename it.