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This interface allow to inform the validation rules abd formatting of the content of each form field . The configuration of the form fields is done clicking on the field to be formated, in the existing list, in the left side of the “Form” folder.

Image1: List of fields.

Done this, the system opens a screen at the right side of this list, where must verify if in the field Data type the value attributed by ScriptCase through the SQL table analysis is according to the existing content. In case that it isn't, the user will must select in the list (combobox) an adjusted type to the content of its field. For each Data type selected will be formated a window with diferent characteristics. Example: A field of type Text have diferent characteristics of a field of date type. Being thus, the formatting of the screen will be according to the chosen type.

Afterwards, after the choose of the data type, just complete the others fields of this window and click on the button Save, Compile or Run.