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Configure N:N relationship tables.


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Image1: Generated application with associated tables


This link is treated as a field in the Form application. Define Field name, Data type, Label and specific Connection for this link. For specific connection is displayed a select with the project available connections.

Image2: Create a relationship field


Grid Information

Define the select (lookup) data source. Enter a select command or base it on a table.

Image3: Enter a select command.

For the option Choose Table 3 objects select are displayed allowing to choose the table and the fields Key and Description.

Image4: Select command base on a table.

SQL Select Statement

Select Command to display the update field values available.

Image5: Select Command.


Lookup Display

Define the update display format.

Image7: Field object type.

Relationship Table

Image8: Relationship table.

Define the relationship table updated.

Image9: Select table.


Relationship Keys

Image10: Link key.

Define the application fields related to the relationship table fields.

Image11: Defining update table field values.


Lookup Field

Image12: Lookup field.

Define the lookup table field related to the relationship table.

Image13: Defining table foreign key.


Link Attributes

Image14: Application view generate with the relationship attribute type Access Type.  

Define the values stored in the relationship table fields that are not foreign keys.

Image15: Defining field attribute.

Search (only for Double Select)

Image16: Double Select Filter.

Define a search to the relationship table.

Image17: Search field settings.

Display Settings (optional)

Define relationship field display settings such as CSS field attributes, title and object..

Image18: Display Settings.

Help Settings

Documents the application. Create on-line instructions, describe business rules and save comments in the System Help to allow users to better understand the system and instruct them in the best way of interacting with the applications.

Figure 1: Help Configuration using a pop-up window.