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In this module we can configure a form application so that it use Stored Procedure (defined by the database) in the operations of insertion, update, and exclusion. It isn't necessary to use the three options at the same time, being thus the options that are not configured to use procedures will continue with the Scriptcase standard that are the commands INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE.

See below pass-by-pass the implementation if a Stored Procedure for Insertion in the Database.

Image1: Interface of Stored Procedures for Form.


1- Let's mark the first option: “I want to use Procedure to do INSERT”. Afterwards, inform the procedure name and the amount of parameters.

Image2: Defining procedure parameters.

2- Now we define the fields that will be reference to the parameters of the Stored Procedure, as like the type of each parameter (input or output). Afterwards, we click on the button save to finalize this process.

Image3: Passing of values to the Stored Procedure.