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Using AJAX reduces the amount of unnecessary data traffic with the server thereby speeding up application processing. It allows individual data components on a page to be updated without the need to refresh the entire page.

Figure 1: AJAX event interface.


The following events are available in ScriptCase.

Only the onClick event is available to Grid applications.

See the example below: The user field is validated against a database (table). For valid users it returns the name. For invalid users a message is displayed.


1 - Select the field and the event used by the AJAX process, (in PHP code). Passing parameters is optional.

Figure 2: Selecting fields and events for AJAX processing.


2 -Enter the PHP business rule in the PHP editor. The code is processed by the Server and the XML result is sent to the browser.

Figure 3: Programming PHP with AJAX.

1. PHP editor - Use it to type in your PHP code.

2. Insert Code - ScriptCase provides you with a number of predefined blocks of code that can be inserted into the PHP editor and then amended accordingly.

3. Parameters (Fields) - Use this to create parameters retrieving field values.

Any event can use pre-defined functions (macros) that are available in Scriptcase. These functions are called "Scriptcase Macros".