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New Nested Grid

To create a new nested grid link click on the New Link item as displayed on the picture bellow.

Image1: Create a new link.

Adding a new nested grid

Define name and label to new nested grid.

Image2: Name and label for the new "link".


Applications list

All the projects grids which uses or references global variables on SQL statement are displayed. See picture4.

Image3: Target application selection.

IMPORTANT: To use a grid as a nested grid is required that the nested application uses at least one parameter or global variable in its SQL statement as on the picture bellow.

Image4: An order details grid, its SQL statement uses a parameter.

Parameters Settings

Define the parameter(s) that are passed between application.

Image5: Parameter var_cliente linkage.

On the picture above on the left side are displayed the nested grid inbound parameters (global variables).

Select one option and value to each variable located on the target application (on the right side of the above image):


Button Save - Saves all the link parameters and closes the "link wizard".