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Links - Application

Image1: Selecting link type.

Used to edit the grid records through a form. In the generated grid a link will appear on each line to edit the record. Clicking in the link, the selected form is displayed according to selected format (in an iframe, in the same window or in a new window).


Applications List

Image2: List of Applications.

Application: Select the form application called by the grid.


Parameters definition

Image3: Parameters Definition Interface.

On the image above is displayed, in the left side, the application form parameters (primary key, global variables). Select on the right side, the value to pass to the parameter. The options are:



Link Properties

The image below displays the attributes that define the link behavior. Enter the selected option to customize the link properties.

Link Properties

Image4: Link Properties Interface.

Form Properties

Select the buttons to be displayed in form.


Iframeproperties - Displayed only when Link Operation Mode is Open in Iframe.