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What is ScriptCase

ScriptCase is a complete development tool. Through a friendly web interface, ScriptCase creates PHP applications extremely fast with quality, saving time , lowering costs, increasing productivity and team integration.

How does ScriptCase work?

The developer can connect ScriptCase to the databases available in the market, such as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MYSQL, Postgres, and also create applications using multiple databases.

You will be able to develop easily and really fast:

Always looking for new technology, ScriptCase has a variety of components:

Installed in a web server, Scriptcase can be simultaneously used by many developers through a browser, allowing remote and collaborative development. The source code is PHP and works independently of the tool, allowing its publishing on any PHP enabled Web server.

Source code

ScriptCase generates the source-code (PHP, JavaScript, HTML and AJAX). The generated source is totally independent of the tool, and can be published on any PHP enabled Web server. The PHP language is free (GNU) and can be used in Windows or Linux (every PHP processing is made in the server).