What is ScriptCase?

It is a complete PHP Web applications development environment using AJAX technology. The development is done directly in the browser, allowing collaborative development and team integration.

It supports the most commonly used Databases in the market (Oracle, DB2, MS SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, MS Access, etc), the applications generated are totally independent of the tool and compatible with Windows, Linux, AS/400 and others.

Grid - Used to display data, with many resources such as: search, PDF reports , multiple format data export ,fields selection, sorting, breakdowns, summary and , charts.
Form - Used to real time data update with AJAX technology. Used to edit a record (simple forms) or multiple records ( editable grids).
Tab - Used to display multiple type applications nested in a tab structure. Usually are nested applications with related information. For example: Employee / Dependent.
Control - "Blank forms" where developers can add fields, buttons and PHP or Javascript customized code. Allows to create login forms, to call batch routines and other specific applications.
PDF Report - Used to format PDF reports. It is possible to use this application to build PDF files defining each field position in the report individually.
Chart - This new application type was created just for the chart creation. The graphics can now be managed separately apart of the Grid application with more settings options required for this type of application. The configuration settings will also use the drag and drop concepts with the preview option.
Blank - Used to create custom PHP programs.
Calendar - Used to create schedule and appointments applications. Allows to create or view events in periods of days, weeks, months and years.
Container - Used to create dash board style applications.

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Manual Version : 8.0.56