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After accessing the "Help> License Registration" menu, you have the option on the left side "Offline Request".


After clicking "Offline Request", the screen below where you inform the user, password, and the license number and click "Request".

Click "scriptcase_v8.req" to download the file:


With possession of the file "scriptcase_v8.req", please visit the Scriptcase and login with your username and password in the My Scriptcase.

Access to appear in the image below.


Enter your serial and click "Choose File" to upload the file scriptcase_v8.req. After that click "Continue".

On the next screen to download the file "scriptcase_v8.lic".

After download file scriptcase_v8.lic you must access the Offline Registration option in Scriptcase.


Enter your username, password, license number and select the scriptcase_v8.lic file. After that click on "Register".


After clicking "register", you will see the message below: