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ScriptCase Update

This option can be used to bring ScriptCase up to date. Including corrections, programs , documnetation lnew versions, etc. All the update process is made through the Internet directly from ScriptCase site. We recommend a connection with minimum speed of 128 Kbps.

Figure1: Interface Scriptcase Update.


FIRST STAGE (To verify ScriptCase Update)

In this first stage the verification in the site of the ScriptCase will be made if a new version of software ScriptCase Update exists, in case that a version exists but new the update is made.

Figure2: Interface Verifying Update.


SECOND STAGE (To look updates)

Its system will be examined and identified the available updates directly of the site of the ScriptCase.

Figure3: Interface To lower and to install joined updates.



The ScriptCase will directly lower of the site ScriptCase the found updates, and will make the update of its system.

Figure4: Screen successfully effected Update.