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A list of files available to restore is displayed.

Figure1: Restore Interface.

It is possible to upload a backup that is store in a zip file. Click in upload zip file to upload and restore (.zip) files.

Enter the information about the file to upload or click in browse to find it.

Figure2: Restore Interface.


Once the files are available to ScriptCase select it from a display above.


Select the files to restore and click in the action buttons Action buttons available to perform the operation on selected file.

After selecting a file to restore choose the restore process by configuring the restore process directives.

Figure3: Interface options of Restore.

The file selected previously is displayed with information about creation time and usage Status.

If Duplicated - Select between the options : NOT TO RESTORE or OVERWRITE the applications.

Restore Type - Choose between restoring all files or a partial Restore.

Figure4: Partial Restore Interface.

Select elements to restore individually.

A status report is displayed after the restore is completed.