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Project - New Project

Scriptcase uses the concept of projects to help the developers to organize their development, a project can contain one or more application. This option is used when we want to create a new project on Scriptcase.

Image1: New Project.


The project creation process is divided in 5 different steps, they are:

Image2: Project Creation Progress Bar.


Step 01: Start - Project Settings

Image3: Creating a new project.



ScriptCase provides examples of projects demostrating what can be done with the tool. These projects can be downloaded and imported to your Scriptcase, it will import the project itself and will also import the tables, the database tables can be imported to MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, Oracle, SQL Server, Firebird and Access.


Step 02: Locales

Locales - Select the languages available in the project from the list and set the project default language. Use the interface below to add or remove languages to the project. Click in Set default to change the project default language. When a default language is not selected ScriptCase will select a default value based on the user browser values or the system settings.

Image4: Selecting project locales


Step 03: Themes

Themes - It is the layout and CSS of the generated application, the selected themes are going to be avaliable to be used in the ScriptCase Applications.

Image 5: Selecting themes for the project.


Step 04: Databases

Databases - Scriptcase supports connection with MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2, Informix, MS Access, SQLite, Sybase and Firebird.

Image 6: Selecting the database connection.

To connect to a database with Scriptcase all we need is the physichal location of the database, it can be installed locally in your machine, in a server in your local network or either in a server in the internet, you will also need the username and password, with all set the last step will be choose the database name that will be used. To learn how to setup a connection to your favorite database click in this link


Step 05: End

The project was sucefully created and now you can create your first application by clicking on the "Create First Application" button.