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Project - LDAP Total Control

This LDAP authentication method allows the admin to select users from LDAP who will have access to the applications and which applications will be accessible for each user.


1. Connection - The connection will be used to create or associate the security module.

Image 1: Connection settings.



2. Associate - It is just needed if you have selected the option to use "Existing Tables" in the previous step.





User / Application:


3. Configuration - This step will define the settings used on the security module.






E-mail Settings:




4. Test User - The fifth step is used to activate one user as administrator.


Insert Data Interface

Insert data:


5. Add applications - The sixth step is used to populate the table Applications.


Add Applications Interface

Checking the option, Scriptcase will insert in the Applications Table, the name of each application existing in the project.


6. Profile - The last step is used to save in a profile all settings used on the steps to be used in other projects.


Profile Interface

You can save a profile to any Scriptcase user, just to that user or just to be used in that project.