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ScriptCase Installer - MacOS

Using the scriptcase installer

ScriptCase's installer is a executable file for MacOS. An application for self-extracting and configuring APACHE, PHP and SCRIPTCASE on your Operating System.

Scriptcase installer will install automatically in your computer:

1 - Apache Web Server 2.4.3.
2 - PHP 5.6 with the mbstring, zip and gd extensions enabled.
3 - Zend Guard Loader 3.3.
4 - Scriptcase Version 8.1.

MacOS X 10.9 and later

For MacOS 10.8 and later, before running the installation program it is required to change the permission level to run applications. On the Security and Privacy settings, check the "Anywhere" option in "Allow applications downloaded from".

* Before we proceed with the installation it is recomended to do not have any other web environment (such as XAMP, Zend Server, etc...) installed on the machine.
* It is aways recommended to have some basic knowledgment of environment in order to use the terminal.
* We recommend the use of the SQLite database.

This manual will teach you to install ScriptCase in 2 simple steps:

  1. Step 1:Choose the installer settings.
  2. Step 2:Execute ScriptCase.

Step 1: Pick the installer settings.

In the images below we are able to see all the installation properties.

1 - Select the installer language.

  1. Language: Select the language that will be shown on the installation process. This will not select ScriptCase's Language.

Click on "Forward" to continue.

2 - Welcome message.

This screen shows the installer welcome message.

Click on "Forward" to continue.

3 - License agreement.

  1. Do you accept this license?: You must read and accept the terms before continuing.

Click on "Forward" to continue.

4 - Installation directory.

The default installation path is "/Applications/NetMake/v81/". Don't change this path unless you know what you are doing.
  1. Installation Directory: Type here the path for the installation.
  2. Browse: This button allows you to browse your system folders to choose the installation path or create a new folder.

Click on "Forward" to continue...

5 - Apache Configuration.

  1. Port: This will define the port that Apache service will run on. We recommend to use the default value.
  2. PHP Timezone: Select the option corresponding to your time zone.

Click on "Forward" to continue...

6 - Install.

The installer will start the installation process now.

Click on "Next" to continue.

  1. Progress Bar: The overall installation progress.

Click on "Next" to continue.

7 - Completing the Setup.

  1. View Readme File: When you finish the installer, it will show the README file.
  2. Open Scriptcase 8.1: When you finish the installer, it will open ScriptCase.

Click on "Finish" to complete.

Step 2: Start Using ScriptCase.

Now to access your scriptcase, you must enter the IP adress and the port you choose for Apache.