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ScriptCase Installer - Windows

Using the scriptcase installer

ScriptCase's installer is a executable file for Windows. An application for self-extracting and configuring APACHE, PHP and SCRIPTCASE on your Operating System.

Scriptcase installer will install automatically in your computer:
1 - Apache Web Server 2.4.3.
2 - PHP 5.6 with the mbstring, zip and gd extensions enabled.
3 - Zend Guard Loader 3.3.
4 - Scriptcase Version 8.1

* Before we proceed with the installation is recommended to do not have any other web environment (such as XAMP, Zend Server, etc...) installed on the machine.
* We recommend the use of the SQLite database.

This mannual will teach you to install ScriptCase in 2 simple steps:

  1. Step 1: Choose the installer settings.
  2. Step 2: Execute ScriptCase.

Step 1: Choose the installer settings.

In the images below we are able to see all the installation properties.

1 - Select installer language.

  1. Language: Select the language that will be shown on the installation process. This will not select ScriptCase's language.

Click on "Ok" to continue.

2 - Welcome message.

This screen shows the installer welcome message.

Click on "Next" to continue.

3 - License agreement.

  1. Do you accept this license?: You must read and accept the terms before continuing.

Click on "Next" to continue.

4 - Installation directory.

The default installation path is "C:\Program Files (x86)\NetMake\v81". Don't change this path unless you know what you are doing.
  1. Installation Directory: Type here the path for the installation.
  2. Browse: This button allows you to browse your system folders to choose the installation path or create a new folder.

Click on "Next" to continue.

5 - Apache Configuration.

  1. Port: This will define the port that Apache service will run on. We recommend to use the default value.
  2. Email Administrator: This is the Apache's administrator e-mail. This is the configuration for Apache only, not ScriptCase.
  3. Apache Domain: Apache domain must be defined here.
  4. PHP Timezone: Select the option corresponding to your time zone.

Click on "Forward" to continue.

6 - Install.

The installer will start the installation process now.

Click on "Next" to continue.

  1. Progress Bar: The overall installation progress.

Click on "Next" to continue.

7 - Completing the Setup.

  1. View Readme File: When you finish the installer, it will show the README file.
  2. Open Scriptcase 8.1: When you finish the installer, it will open ScriptCase.

Click on "Finish" to complete.

Step 2: Start Using ScriptCase.

Now to access your scriptcase, you must access on the browser the IP adress and the port you choose for Apache.