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ScriptCase Manual Installation


*We recommend using the SQLite database

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With the environment already installed, you must download the in the downloads section of the site


After configuring your environment, extract the file to a temporary folder, using the "extract here" file decompressor.
It will create a folder with the name:
Rename it to scriptcase and move to the root of your web server.
Finally, open the browser and access ScriptCase to start the installation process.

Example: http://server:port/scriptcase

The screen below shows the choice of language (English) to use during the installation.


Check enabled extensions. If you check the not installed extensions, ScriptCase tries to configure the php.ini file to recognize these extensions.


Now, you will choose whether you prefer the Typical Installation or a Customized installation.

Typical Installation


Scriptcase will install everything automatically. After choosing a typical installation, you will be automatically directed to your Scriptcase development environment. By default the user is: admin and password: admin.


Customized Installation


You could choose on which database you wish to install ScriptCase and the default username and password to access it.

ScriptCase needs some permissions to work properly. Check the permissions.

NOTE: In case of IIS Web Server, requires permission of Writing, Reading and Execution IUSR_NOMEDOSERVIDOR to the user, in the following directories:

1 - PHP installation directory.
2 - ScriptCase Directory.
3 - File cmd.exe on Windows.

This step consists in defining the database in which ScriptCase is installed, the default option is SQLite (Recommended), requires only that your PHP module is enabled, but you can do the installation in other databases.

The tables used by ScriptCase were created successfully.


Here you create a login and password for the ScriptCase administrator.


If the installation has been successful this screen appears. Click continue to boot ScriptCase.


Login screen to access ScriptCase. Type in the username and password defined earlier.