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Scriptcase workspace - Main Menu

At the top of the page is available a hierarchical menu containing all ScriptCase functionallity options.

Image1: Main menu interface.


Hierarchic Menu options:


Create a New Project It will create a new proejct
Open Project Show a list with the project that the logged user has access to
Close Project Close the current opened project
Create a New Application It will show the interface of new application creation inside the current opened project
Create a Batch Applications Allows the user to create multiple applications
Restore Applications Displays the last published applications may choose a restore point and the name in which the application will be restored.
Restore Application Used to restore a especifc version of a application
Export Project Used to export one created project created with Scriptcase
Import Project Used to import projects created with Scriptcase
Main Menu Navigate to the main page of Scriptcase
Exit Log out from Scriptcase


Source code Show last source code generated through the application being edited. (Enabled only with an open application )
Data in Session Display all ScriptCase session variables including the executed applications. (Enabled only with an open project)


Properties Display the project´s information and allows to edit it.
Default values Display a list of standard values for the current project.
Versions History Display all project versions.
Increment version Creates a new version of the current project.
Generate source code Generate the source code for applications in opened project. (Enabled only with an open project)
Deploy Opens publication wizard of the current project.
Export Applications Generates current project export file.
Import Applications Imports a backup file to current project.
Delete Deletes current project.
Reports - Applications List Display project´s applications.
Reports - Developers Summary Display applications by developer.
Show Diagram Display project´s diagram.
Application Search Search text in project´s applications.


New Database Connection Creates a new connection in the current project.
Edit a Database Connection Edit the connections of the current project.
Import ACCESS It is used to import an ACCESS database.
Import EXCEL It is used to import an EXCEL spreadsheet.
Import CSV It is used to import a CSV file.
SQL Builder Tool for rapid creation of SQL commands.
Database Builder Tool for rapid creation of tables in the database.


Save Save the opened Application.
Generate Generate the application source code.
Run Run the selected application.


Data Dictionary Allows the user to set defaults for tables (names and types of fields, etc.).
Express Edition Open a window to edit multiple applications at the same time.
HelpCase Tool for creating documentation.
Library Allows the creation of standards routines that will be used in many applications.
TO-DO List Create a TO-DO List
Mensages Sends messages between the developers of the messages.
Conversor Performs conversion from V5, V6, V7 to V8.


CSS Applications (Themes) This option allows the Creation/Edition of themes.
CSS Buttons This option allows the Creation/Edition of themes to the buttons.
HTML Templates This option enables you to make changes in the various HTML elements that will make your application.
CSS Menus This option enables you to make changes in CSS of the menus.
Image Manager This option manages the existing images in the projects to add, delete, and copy an image.
Chart Themes This option allows you to set paramentros Some of monetary unit, date and number according to the country or region where your application will be used.


Language of the Applications Allows you to create premade messagens to your system
Regional Settings Allows you to change the regional settings from a specific project


Security Used to apply security in your project.
Log - Create/edit Used to apply a log module in your project.
Log - Applications Used to apply a log module in your project.
Log - Create Application Log Used to create the log module applications.


Settings Configure the ScriptCase settings.
My ScriptCase Scriptcase settings by user level.
Change password Change the current password.
My Toolbar This option allow the user to customize the availability and order of the toolbar items.


Webhelp Scriptcase manual.
Support Access ScriptCase on-line support.
Diagnosis Display the environment / server configuration where ScriptCase is running.
Check Version View ScriptCase's current Version.
Update Version Access ScriptCase's update center.
License Registration Access to enter your Scriptcase License key
About Information about ScriptCase.