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Scriptcase workspace - Toolbar

Use the Toolbar icons to access ScriptCase features

ScriptCase functionality icons:

Toolbar - Main menu

Main Menu Returns to the Scriptcase's Main Menu.
Create a new Project Create a new project.
Open a Project Show a list of projects that this user has permission to edit
Close a Project Closes the current project
New database Connection Create a new database connection
Edit a database Connection Allows the user to edit the dabatase connection
SQL Builder Runs the SQL Builder tool
Create a new application Show the new application creation interface
Batch application creation Create applications using the batch express creation.
Save the current application Save the current application. (*)
Generate Source Code Generate the source code of the current application.(*)
Run the current Application Save, generate the source code and run the current application. (*)
Deploy project Deploy the current application.
Data Dictionary Allows the end user to pre-define some settings based on the database (Fields label, type, length, ...).
Language of the Applications Allows you to create custom messages to be used in different applications.
Help Online documentation from Scriptcase
Exit Closes Scriptcase..

(*) The options Save, Generate, Run and Deploy are available when an application is being edited.

Other toolbar attributes :