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Search - Link

Used to link the Search form with Form applications.

There are two link types available in a Search:

Application - Used to link to a Form application. Next to each record an icon is displayed to link to a Form application.

Capture - Used to get a value from a Grid application record to the field.

Image1: New Link Menu

Create A Link

Select the link type.

Image2: Linking between Applications-Link Type Interface.

Link Type - Application

Link a Search with a Form application.

 The screen bellow displays all applications available in the project.

Image3: LinkbetweenApplications - Application List Interface.

In Image4 the Search fields must be associated with the Form fields.

Image4: LinkbetweenApplications - Parameters Interface .

In the screen below, “ Link Properties” enter the link attributes.

Image5: Link Properties Interface.


Link Properties:

"Open in the same Window" - Open the linked application in the same window.

"Open in another Window" - Open the linked application in another window.

"Open in Iframe" - Open the form in the same window, but in a different frame(Below).

"Open in Parent" - Open the form in the same window, but in the frame where is calling the Search.

"Modal" - Open the Form in a Modal window.

Form Property


Link Type - Capture

Create and displays an icon beside the field. The icon allows to retrieve the field a value from a Grid Application record.

Image6:  Grid Search with link of type capture in the field.

Select a Grid application.

Image8:Application List Interface.

Image9 displays the parameters definition. It shows which fields or variables should receive parameters to execute the Grid. The parameters options are:


Image9: Parameter definition Interface



Image10: Links created.



Properties Editing the link properties.
Link Edit a Link
Delete Delete a link

In the link properties you can modify the link to modal.

Image11: Link properties