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Search Fields - Radio

General Configuration

Image1: General Settings Interface.

>Figure1: Field's Behavior Interface.


Edition Lookup

Display a radio object list to use in the form (see manual lookup and automatic lookup ) .

Before Lookup
After Lookup

Lookup Method

There are available two options: Automatic, based in a SQL statement to feed the list of values or Manual which is based on a custom entered list of values.

Image1: Lookup type selection

Edition Lookup - Automatic

Lookup used to display values in a Radio field. The values are retrieved with a Select Statement from a database table.

Image2: Automatic Edition lookup Interface

Attributes :

Edition Lookup - Manual

Enables a radio object based on a list of values filled manually as an array. See picture bellow. Use Manual lookup when the database does not have a table with required information.

Image1: Manual Edition lookup Interface.

Attributes :



Reloads other selection type fields (Select, CheckBox, Radio and DoubleSelect) when the field onChange event occours.
For example: a Select field "list of states", and a second one list of cities. It is possible to reload a cities list field by changing the state selected.


Defines the CSS values for fields individually.

Figure 1: CSS Definition interface.

Title CSS


Field CSS


Object Input CSS


Help Settings

Documents the application. Create on-line instructions, describe business rules and save comments in the System Help to allow users to better understand the system and instruct them in the best way of interacting with the applications.

Figure 1: Help Configuration using a pop-up window.