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Tools: HelpCase - Documentation Settings

Editing a file

When you select a file, an interface for editing HTML will open to the right side of the Manager:

HTML file editor.


We can customize the layout of HelpCase according to our project through the configuration options:

HelpCase configuration panel.

With the basic configuration, we can customize the items that are displayed in HelpCase, as well as choose whether it will be generated with the old or new style.


We can customize the HelpCase homepage through the option below:

Homepage editing screen.

In the Layout we can define which theme will be used for HelpCase (we can edit or create new specific themes to HelpCase).

Screen for you to chose the the header template.

We can configure the items to display them in the HelpCase header.

Header items settings

On this item, we can code CSS so that the display of HelpCase matches the desired need.

CSS code customization

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