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Tools: Layout - Buttons

Using the Buttons Management option is possible to edit or create new buttons set associated to Schemas. Buttons set can include text button or image buttons.

Figure1: Buttons Management Interface.


Creating a New Button Schema

Click in New in the Button Schema Toolbar.

In the first tab (Buttons) is displayed the buttons used in the ScriptCase. Each button can have different characteristics (image, text or link).

For images buttons is displayed an upload field to upload the button image. For text and link buttons use the tabs: Button style and link style to edit the CSS style.

Figure2: Buttons tab.


Editing Buttons style.

Use this tab to define the CSS button style used in your schema. All schemas already have a default style (it can`t be removed). If needed more then one layout for text buttons click in NEW and configure the new style. Back in the Buttons tab is possible to select the new style (see Image4).


Figure3: Button style edit tab.


Configuring a button Link style.

As with text type buttons is possible to define more then one link type button and define each one style as css, default or a new user created style.

Figure5: Link style edit tab.