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Tools: SQL Builder - Joins

Use this tab to create join commands with SQL tables selected on Tables tab.
It can be acccessed after set the definitions in the Fields Tab.

An example of join use would be the following: In a table of customers register T1 there is the "Customer Code" field. In a Purchase Order T2 table also there is the "Customer Code" field and the purchase orders of the customers. If we are making a join of the tables CadClientes and CadPedVendas, we will use a commom field ("Customer Code") and we will have as result a cartesian product of these two tables in accordance with the kind of defined join (equal to, bigger than, smaller than...). In other words, they will be joined and the data ordered in accordance with the kind of defined join.

Figure1: Join folder

Table 1 - Display a previously selected table list: Select the first join table.

Type - Join type:

Table 2 - Display a previously selected table list: Select the second join table.

Figure 2: Join Folder with fields.

The window initially presents two lines of fields for joins realization. Each field contains the list of the table fields selected. If the two lines are fulfilled, clicking on the Confirm button, will be opened more two fields, therefore the SQL Buider undrestand that the user wishes to make more joins. If not, the user can leave the folder, therefore the commands were already incorporated in the main command that is being mounted. To being make a join the check box on the left of the field line is automatically fulfilled.

Click in Confirm to move to next step, the Criteria settings used to define search conditions.