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Tools - TO-DO List

This tool will allow the Scriptcase users, under the same installation, to create TO-DO check list with percentage control, the TO-DO list can be attached to a user, projetc or public for everyone.

A message with a warning will shown up to users who have unfinished Task on the TO-DO list.

Figure1: TO-DO List Interface.

1 List Target 2 TO-DO Task List 3 New TO-DO Item


List Target

TO-DO Lists on Scriptcase can be created in four different levels, public, individual for the user who chreated, project public and project individual.

Figure2: TO-DO List Target.


TO-DO Task List

In this area will be exhibithed all TO-DO Task Lists on the previous selected TO-DO List target.

Figure3: Tasks Lists.


New TO-DO Item

Button used to add new TO-DO Tasks, this options is enable for users under the same Scriptcase installation.

Figure4: Creating a new Task