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Working with Applications - Batch express mode

Batch Express mode creates multiple applications (Grids and Forms).

Image1: Batch Express Mode Interface.

First a connection must be selected. Then a list with all tables availabe on that database (connection) is displayed (Image1).


Image2: Selecting Tables.

When a table is selected then ScriptCase displays an option to create Form and Grid based on that table (Image2).

Click on "Next" to see a list of Grid and Form applications selected on previous step. Inform the name, a description and the type if it is a Form. (Image3)

Image3: Applications Descriptions Interface.

Image4: Batch Express Mode Interface.

On the bottom, there is an option to generate the source code and/or to open the applications to be edited after creating them.

Then click on "Finish" to create the applications.

Image5: Creating the applications.

After created the applications are listed in the Project Home.(Image5)

Image6: Batch Express Mode Interface.