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Working with Applications

Each page created by Scriptcase is called "Application". The following types of application are available:

GRID - Applications used for data visualization and analysis. ScriptCase Grid applications combine search functions and report formatting functions including generating output in PDF, XLS, XML, RTF and other formats.

FORM - Applications for data update. ScriptCase creates applications with all resources: records inclusion, update, exclusion and navigation. Scriptcase offers a flexible range of form types to accommodate the business needs. See below the options available .

CONTROL - Applications to manage the system infra-structure, like capturing data (parameters) that will be passed to other applications. Ex.: system login, company selection, access selection and etc.

SEARCH - Filter form to link to any application that needs to receive a string having a WHERE clause.

MENU - Applications to create a system hierarchic navigation structure. It is a extremely useful resource, once that it organizes the applications visually, facilitating the user access to the applications.

TREE MENU - Applications to create a system TreeView navigation structure (similar to the windows explorer).

TABS - ScriptCase combines many developed applications in a structure where each tab corresponds to an application.

PDF REPORT - Create PDF files. ScriptCase provides a tool to generate quality reports using pre-defined formats. Use this application to generate reports for government institutions or other organization that required specific format.

DASHBOARD - Allows you to display various types of applications nested in Widgets similar to those for iGoogle.

BLANK - Allows developers to write PHP / HTML code and display a result of the process.

CALENDAR - It allow to generate Calendar applications. Great to build applications with Scheduling and Appointments.