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With this interface, you can define general options of the Search Form.

Search configuration Interface. Search configuration Interface.

Search Criteria

Allows to select the logical operator AND or OR to define the criteria of the search;

Display Condition

Gets the condition of the search available for the user to choose one. He can select “AND” or “OR” in a Combobox.

Use auto-complete in the fields

Automatically turns the field into an autocomplete according to the existing values in the database. If the user chooses Yes, the autocomplete will enable automatically in all inputs that contain a relationship. If the user decides No, so no autocompletes will be displayed. Otherwise, the option selected is Defined in the field it’ll keep the settings for each field individually.

Dynamic Search

This feature allows the end-user to search for records without leaving the current screen. The developer must inform the available fields for search.


Dynamic Search configuration Interface. Dynamic Search Settings Interface

  • Use the ENTER key to : It allows you to define the action that the Enter Key has on the Search form. Tabulate enables you to navigate between fields, and Submit performs the search(activates the Search button).

Select Fields

This interface allows to select the available fields in the Dynamic Search.

Dynamic Search Field Selection. Dynamic Search Field Selection.


Quick Search is an option that allows to search data in various fields of the application, by using the text box in the toolbar.

Application running QuickSearch. Application running QuickSearch.

Quick Search Settings

In the quick search settings are the following options:

QuickSearch Configuration Interface. QuickSearch Configuration Interface.

Button within the search - An option to inform if the search button will be in the text area of the box. Quick search show combo box - Displays a combo box if there is only one option in the quick search. Quick search Watermark - Displays a Placeholder in the quick search. Quick search width - Defines the width of the Quick search field. Display the Quick search old format - Displays in the old format with the selection of the fields in the Quick search. Search anywhere - If enabled, QuickSearch will search each part of the String for the data informed in the field.

Select Fields

You need to define the fields that are part of the search in the Quick search Settings .

QuickSearch selecting fields Interface. QuickSearch selecting fields Interface.

And you can select various criteria of the search.

QuickSearch search criteria configuration Interface. QuickSearch search criteria configuration Interface.

You need to add the QuickSearch button in the toolbar in order to use it.


This is a list of fields available for use in the filter. Click on the desired field to access the configuration instructions.

Text Field Field Select
Integer Field Field Double Select
Decimal Field Field Checkbox
Currency Field Field Radio
Date Field Field Text Auto-Complete
Field time Field Number Auto-Complete
Field Datetime