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In this interface, you can build a shortcut bar in the Menu application that enables the connection between applications through buttons, icons, and text links.

Interface Toolbar

Items creation (Icons in the menu list top):

Insert Item Add a new item in the menu toolbar.
Separator Insert Add a separator in the toolbar.
Remove Removes a menu item. Select the item or sub-item and click on the button to remove it.

Moving items (Arrows):

Move Up Moves an item or sub-item from the toolbar up.
Move Down Moves down an item or sub-item from the toolbar.
Move Left Moves an item or sub-item from the toolbar to the left.
Move Right Moves an item or sub-item from the toolbar to the left.

Settings Items:

Type Allows inserting a link, a button, or an icon.
Label Allows defining the application title displayed in the menu.
Link Allows selecting the application through his name or by a link.
Icon Allows selecting an image to display as an icon.
Hint Allows typing a description text to help the identification of the application by the user.
Display This option allows choosing if the item shows only texts, only images, or both.
Image Position Allows defining if the image displays on the right or left side.
Target Allows defining how to display the applications: In the same window or in a new one.