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On this configuration, you can set the common attributes of the applications created by ScriptCase.

Application Configuration Interface Application Configuration Interface

  • Application Code : Code of the application that’s determined at the moment the creation of the application, this code can be renamed in the List of Applications.
  • Description : This field is reserved for a brief description of the objectives of the application.
  • Documents Path : The absolute path to the documents directory of the application.
  • Image Directory : Base directory of where the application images are stored.
  • Application images : Allows to import images into the application and using them in the application routines, disregarding the macro sc_image.
  • Language : Language of the generated application. All the hints and messages are displayed in the selected language.
  • Share Location Variable : Shares the Location settings with other applications based on the value of the session variable.
  • Charset : Defines the specific charset used in the application.
  • Share Theme Variable : Shares the Theme settings with other applications based on the value of the session variable.
  • Folder : Folder where the application’s stored in the work group.
  • Edit by Project : Allows for the other users of the group to edit the application.
  • Timeout : Time of the runtime timeout in seconds. If the value is Zero, it assumes the default timeout of the PHP.
  • HelpCase Link : Associate the files of the HelpCase with the application.

Error Settings

Error Settings Interface. Error Settings Interface.

  • Attributes
    • Script Error : Allows to display the information of the Script Line where the error occurred.
    • SQL Error : Allows to display the SQL where the error occurred.
    • Debug Mode : Runs the application in Debug mode, displaying the SQL commands the moment that they are executed.
    • Ajax Error Output : Open a window of debug with the output of the Ajax.

Convert menu type

Menu conversion Interface. Menu conversion Interface.

Convert the Menu to a Tree Menu or vice versa.

*It doesn’t change any of the applications original configuration, with the exception of the format.