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Application Security Configuration Application Security Configuration

Use Security When enabled, the application will only be accessible when using the macro sc_apl_status or using the security module. Applications with this option on, display a message informing “User not Authorized” when accessed directly.
Url output of the security Defines the application to which the user will be redirected to when the warning “User not Authorized” is displayed.
Use Password When this option is enabled, the application will require you to define a password to access the application.
Request password just once Request the password once per session, not needing to inform the password every time you access the application.
Enable direct call by URL Allows to call the application directly from the URL in the browsers.

In the development environment you can suppress the effects above for testing, evading that every time you run the application it blocking you and requiring to login into the system. To disable the security and the requirement of the password in development mode access Options > My ScriptCase and uncheck the options: Enable Use of Security, Enable Use of Password.