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On this screen you can create and configure all the application links.

When you click in “New Link” the ScriptCase application menu will display the screen below.

Links menu interface. Links menu interface.

The capture is used specially in the Form and in the Grid Search. This type of link imports the data of another Grid to a Form or Search Field. When selecting a capture link type, it will display a list of fields of the Search Form. You need to choose a files to receive the data through the link.

Capture Link creation interface. Capture Link creation interface.

List of Applications

It is possible to create a capture link to the Grid Application. You need to select an application to proceed.

Capture Link list of applications available. Capture Link list of applications available.

Parameters Definition

Parameters Definition Interface. Parameters Definition Interface.

  • Fetch field value : You need to select the field that will call the Grid Application. This field will have the values informed when returned from the Grid Search.
  • Select values to pass as parameters : This option is displayed when the Grid Application has a parameter; like a WHERE clause, for example, that receives a global variable. The options for the values that can be passed as a parameter are:
    • Fixed : Used to pass a static value as a parameter.
    • Empty : Choosing this option, no value will be passed as a parameter.

In the Link Folder of the Application Menu (Image Below) are displayed the links existing in the application and also the item New Link. When clicking on the existing link it is displayed the screen below that allows to manage the links.

Editing Links. Editing Links.


Properties Change the link’s behavior, position, and how the link opens.
Link Change the application that’s being called in the link their parameters.
Delete Remove the existing link.

On the screen below, you can see the attributes relevant to the link behavior of that need to be informed.

Link properties Interface. Link properties Interface.

  • Link Operation Mode :
    • Open in the same Window : Displays the Form in the same browser window.
    • Open in another Window : Displays the Form in another window of the browser.
    • Open in Iframe : The Form will be displayed in the same window, allowing to position below, above, to the left or right of the Grid.
    • Open in Parent : If the Grid is in a iframe, it displays the Form in the page’s parent viewport.
    • Modal : Opens the Form in modal, allowing to configure the modal’s size.
  • Display button (new row) on the grid toolbar : This option, when enabled, adds a button to the toolbar that allows to add a New Record to the Form.
  • Label for the button New : You can apply a Label for the button, if not informed the label will be “New”.
  • Hint for the button New : You can apply a Hint for the button, if not informed the hint will be “New”.
  • Hotkey for the button “New” : Indicates which key will be the shortcut for the New Record.
  • Exit URL for the target application : The URL that is going to call after exiting the Form. In case no value is informed, the “back” button will redirect to the Grid.

  • Form Property

    Allows to select the buttons that are going to be displayed in the Form through the link. Form properties configurations Interface. Form properties configurations Interface.

    • Enable insert button on target application : Enables the Insert Button in the Form.
    • Enable update button on target application : Enables the Update Button in the Form.
    • Enable delete button on target application : Enables the Delete Button in the Form.
    • Enable navigation button on target application : Enables the navigation buttons (first, previous, next and last) in the Form.
    • Enable button to edit a grid record : Enables the edit button for each record.
  • Iframe properties

    These options are displayed when the property Link Operation Mode is set to “Open in Iframe”. Iframe properties configurations Interface. Iframe properties configurations Interface.

    • Display the header of the called application : Displays the Form’s header.
    • Iframe position relative to the main application : It can be: below, above, right or left.
    • Action After Insert view the list below :
      • Reload Grid : Does a refresh on the current page.
      • Move to the end of the grid : Navigate to the Grid’s last page.
    • Iframe height : Iframe Height in pixels.
    • Iframe width : Iframe Width in pixels.