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Connecting with Informix PDO

Pre requirements


If all the requirements are met, then your Informix PDO extension is enabled, in this case, you can Create a Connection on Scriptcase.

If not, then follow the steps below to enable the extension, Informix PDO:


Enabling the extension

1. Download the Instant Client SDK 4.10 click here.


2. Extract the file into a folder of your desirer.
Example: Client Informix

Image1: Extracting the file


3. Access the CMD of your Windows, search for command prompt on the Windows Search or by pressing ctrl+r and typing cmd on the run window.

Image2: Accessing the Command Prompt in Windows


4. Starting the CMD, access the extracted folder, using the cd command and informing the path. Example:

Image3: Accessing the client folder


5. Now run the the .exe file with the parameters -i and GUI. Example: file_name.exe -i GUI

Image4: Executing the installer


6. Follow the installation of the client, clicking on next, to keep the default values.
    Pay attention on the step of the Security Features.

Image5: Installation Wizard


7. At this point, it’s possible to choose if the OTA password Protection will be used.

Image6: Password definition


8. Define your login and password, in case you’ve checked the option OAT password protection

Image7: Defining the password


9. Select no and go through the installation normally.

Image8: Installation Wizard


10. Go through with the installation by clicking on Done and wait for the process to finish.

Image9: Installation Wizard


11. At the end of the process, it’s possible to confirm the the extension was enabled by accessing your diagnosis, like the example below:

Image10: Diagnosis


Creating a connection on Scriptcase

Connecting to Informix from Scriptcase

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Now we’ll access Scriptcase from Scriptcase from the browser and create a connection with the Informix database.

Step 1: Access your Scriptcase, for example, http://localhost:8081/scriptcase/ on the toolbar go to the marked icon in the image below, referring to “New Connection”.

Step 2: After clicking “New Connection”, the page for creating connections will appear, click on the Informix database image.

Step 3: On the following image, place the required information:

For more details on configuring the connection of the database click on Advanced

Filter - By clicking on this tab, you will see this page:

Step 4: Always test your connection before saving, if the message “Connection Success” appears, then save the connection. If it fails to connect, revise the fields that were informed, especially Username, Password, Database and Server/Host.

Verify if the module is enabled in the diagnosis.