The ODBC Generic connection is normally used to create connections with the databases: dBase (.dbf), Dataflex, Paradox, Visual FoxPro, etc.

You only need have the corresponding ODBC driver with the database installed.

If you are using your own previously configured environment, you will need to enable the ODBC extension in PHP.

Generic ODBC

Setting up ODBC on Windows

The automatic installation already comes with the ODBC only needing to connect with the database with ScriptCase.

Creating a Connection with ScriptCase

  • Access ScriptCase using the URL
  • After accessing ScriptCase, access or create a new project, click on the new connection icon or access “Database > New Connection”

Creating a new connection Creating a new connection

  • After that, you will see a page with all the database connections that you can create. Select a “ODBC” connection

 Selecting a Windows database connection Selecting a Windows database connection

  • New connection : You will place the information of the connection to your database here:

 Connecting with Windows database Connecting with Windows database

  • Connection Name : Defines the name of your new connection.
  • DBMS Driver : Select the Generic ODBC.
  • Specific driver : Defined as Generic ODBC, allows you to connect to specific Data Sources: DBF, FileMaker, Progress or Visual FoxPro.
  • ODBC Name : On this option, you will inform the name of the Data Source that you have created.
  • Username : Inform the username of the Windows database, only if there are any.
  • Password : Inform the password of the Windows database, only if there are any.
  • Test Connection : Displays a message of the status of the connection if successful or not.

  • For more options on connecting, click on the Advanced tab:

![ Advanced setup for the Windows database][conexao_avancado_all] Advanced setup for the Windows database

  • Decimal Separator - Select the separator type, between a dot or a comma.
  • Persistent Connection - Persistent Connection are connections that do not close when finishing a script.
  • Use the schema before table name - Allows the use of schema before the name of the tables.

  • Filter : Accessing this tab, we can setup which tables will be listed on this connection:

Filtering the Windows database Filtering the Windows database

  • Show - Allows the display of the the filters on the tables, views, System Tables and procedures.
    • Tables - Allows to setup the display of Tables from your database.
    • Views - Allows to setup the display of Views from your database.
    • System Tables - Allows to setup the display of System Tables from your database.
    • Procedures - Allows to setup the display of Procedures from your database.
  • Searches - Allows to define which tables and Owner will be displayed.
    • Tables - Allows to define a prefix (prefix%) or name of the tables for display.
    • Owner - Allows to define the owner of the tables for listing.
    • Show - Allows to define what will be displayed or not from the table an owner’s setup.

.png .png [conexao_avancado_all]: ../../../../assets/images/docs/database/conexoes/avancado.png