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Scriptcase 8.1

UPGRADE | 22 august, 2016

New Grading System sample

The Online Grading System is designed to manage grades, school attendance, registration and maintenance of students, teachers, classes, subjects and creation of tests with different weights. It has a specific access interface of different levels: administrators, students, parents and teachers, allowing a customized view for each user.

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UPGRADE | 21 march, 2016

Infinite Scroll

Infinite scrolling is highly trending as an interaction behavior on pages and lists. The basic functionality is that, as the user scrolls down the page, more content is loaded automatically.

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UPGRADE | 16 july, 2015

Reporting (Grids and Charts)

Create Charts with multiple values combination and dynamic selections. Easy to analyse and share data from your database and excel spreadsheets through summarized reports & customizable charts

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Refined Search

Improve your reports by adding a new Refined Search. By using your Grid reports you can restrict values according to the data universe. The new refined search will offer a slider component for selecting the ranges.

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Web Services

Through the new sc_webservice macro it will be easier to create web utilities (soap, curl, file_get_contents and sockets) and communicate them with various services. Scripcase 8.1 will also have a new sample system with some web services templates.

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Menu Navigation Improved

Add menu tabs to improve user navigation. The menu inside Scriptcase 8.1 will also offer the option Breadcrumbs display within applications.

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Library Manager

Project customization improved with the new Library Manager. Option to upload multiple files or folders to Scriptcase development environment with the purpose to increase code reuse. The libraries may be included in any application events with new macros sc_url_library() and sc_include_library().

New Helpcase

Improved helpcase tool with interface changes and new layout format generation for you to generate your own documentation.​


Work in the best environment! Faster and safer, the PHP 5.6 was added to Scriptcase 8.1 installer.

More News

  • New data type that enables accumulated field creation available for totals and summary.
  • New total option for weighted mean.
  • New ajax button type (it allows you to create Ajax callback function).
  • New interface to control logged users.
  • Brute Force Protection.

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