With this interface, you can define general options of the Search Form.

Search configuration Interface. Search configuration Interface.

Search Criteria

Allows to select the logical operator AND or OR to define the criteria of the search;

Display Condition

Gets the condition of the search available for the user to choose one. He can select “AND” or “OR” in a Combobox.

Use auto-complete in the fields

Automatically turns the field into an autocomplete according to the existing values in the database. If the user chooses Yes, the autocomplete will enable automatically in all inputs that contain a relationship. If the user decides No, so no autocompletes will be displayed. Otherwise, the option selected is Defined in the field it’ll keep the settings for each field individually.

Dynamic Search

This feature allows the end-user to search for records without leaving the current screen. The developer must inform the available fields for search.


Dynamic Search configuration Interface. Dynamic Search Settings Interface

  • Use the ENTER key to : It allows you to define the action that the Enter Key has on the Search form. Tabulate enables you to navigate between fields, and Submit performs the search(activates the Search button).

Select Fields

This interface allows to select the available fields in the Dynamic Search.

Dynamic Search Field Selection. Dynamic Search Field Selection.


Quicksearch is an option that allows to search data in various fields of the application by using the text box in the toolbar.

Application running QuickSearch.

Quick Search Settings

In the quick search settings you can find the following options:

QuickSearch Configuration Interface.

Quicksearch layout

Simplified: Standard quicksearch view. This option displays the input where we must inform the terms to be searched for.

Layout simplificado

Extended: In this layout, in addition to the simplified layout options described above, it is possible to select the columns where a search will be carried out and the criteria to be selected.

The criteria must be selected in the option Research Criteria, they are:

Contains, Equal beginning, Exactly equal, Does not contain, Different, Greater than, Greater than equal, Less than and Less equal

Layout estendido

Highlight results

Highlights the result of the research performed.

Destaca o resultado da busca realizada

Button within the search area

Defines the placement of the search button, whether it will be in the text area or outside it.

Option Enable - Layout simplificado

Option Disabled - Layout simplificado

Display combobox in the simplified layout

When active, display combobox with the fields selected in the Quicksearch extended fields option



Watermark that will be displayed in quicksearch. A lang or a fixed text can be used.

By default, we use the lang: {lang_othr_qk_watermark}

Quicksearch width

Width in pixels of the Quicksearch input.

Settings for Individual Search by field

This configuration defines the fields that are available in the quicksearch combobox, when activating the Extended Layout option, in the general settings

Campos do Quicksearch estendido

Use fields displayed in the application: When selecting this option, only the fields displayed in the application will be available in the combobox.

Define fields manually: Allows the developer to select the fields that will be available in the quicksearch combobox.

Search settings in the ‘All Fields’ option

This option defines the fields that will be used in quicksearch, regardless of their configuration. That is, all fields selected in this option will always be available in the search.

Interface de seleção dos campos do QuickSearch.

Search in All Fields

All Fields added to the fields of the Individual Search: In addition to the fields selected in this option, the fields selected in the Quicksearch extended fields option will be available in the quicksearch search.

Only those selected for All Fields: Only the fields selected in this option will be available in the search through quicksearch

Search Criteria

Defines quicksearch search criteria.

When checking the options, the combobox with the criteria will be displayed

Interface de configuração dos critérios de pesquisa do QuickSearch.

These are the options available as a quicksearch search criterion.

  • Contains
  • Equal beginning
  • Exactly equal
  • Does not contain
  • Different
  • Greater than
  • Greater than equal
  • Less than
  • Less equal


This is a list of fields available for use in the filter. Click on the desired field to access the configuration instructions.

Text Field Field Select
Integer Field Field Double Select
Decimal Field Field Checkbox
Currency Field Field Radio
Date Field Field Text Auto-Complete
Field time Field Number Auto-Complete
Field Datetime