New Production Environment

To provide an efficient and secure experience, as of release 9.9.015, we made improvements to the libraries, removing obsolete ones and updating the others in older versions. In addition, we completely redesigned the interface, added password recovery functionality, and implemented automatic updates for the production environment.

It will be necessary to generate and republish all applications in your project, as well as update the Production Environment that is in use.

Updated Libraries

We cleaned up the libraries, removing obsolete and unused ones while updating those in old versions. With these improvements, your applications will be more secure and efficient.

New Scriptcase Production Environment Interface

The new layout is designed to facilitate the user experience intuitively. Easily navigate features, efficiently organize your work, and enjoy a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Password recovery

We developed this functionality to enable the password recovery process. You can register an email that will be used to receive a code that will allow you to reset your password and resume access to the production environment.

Automatic Updates

A new functionality was created that allows the user to update the resources and libraries of the Production Environment.

Compatibility Checking

New option for registering the directory of applications that use the production environment, to find out which ones are incompatible; and option also to check outdated applications that are not compatible with the production environment.

Ready to use the new Production Environment?
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The procedure for using the new Production Environment will depend on the type of publication of your projects: if you use the typical publication or the advanced one. In this tutorial, we will guide you step by step on how to upgrade your projects to the new Production Environment.

Typical Deployment

See a step by step on how to use the new Production Environment and a typical publication.

See tutorial
Advanced Publishing

See a step by step on how to use the new Production Environment and an advanced publication.

See tutorial

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